Over the past few years, the field of lending changed a lot. Now you can get money without leaving your home, using a device with the Internet. In most cases, a safe payday loan online is offered by microfinance organizations. It is enough to indicate personal data in a special form, give the system a few minutes to check the credit history, and the money is already on the borrower’s bank card. 

Nevertheless, many are afraid to apply for a loan using the Internet. The most common fears are related to the need to provide passport and credit card details. There is nothing wrong with uploading your data to the network. After all, this is how goods are purchased in online stores.

A contract that a borrower enters into with a microfinance organization using an electronic signature (entering a code from SMS) is considered legal for both parties and will be valid in court if, of course, a matter comes to it. Therefore, the document should be carefully read, saved to your device, and not signed, if you are confused by certain conditions.

Possible Risks When Making a Loan Online

Rumors about the insecurity of remote lending are based on the bitter experience of borrowers, faced with fraudsters, which, unfortunately, abound in any field.

The most significant danger is to provide your data on a fraudulent online resource instead of the official website. The consequences can be very unpleasant:

  1. The phone number of the borrower will be transferred to third parties. The results are endless calls and SMS from financial organizations with the proposal to issue a new loan.
  2. Registration of a loan without the permission of the owner of the documents.

These problems are incredibly unpleasant but completely solvable. If you have been informed about the need to pay interest on a loan that you did not get, feel free to contact the police. 

How to Distinguish a Fraudulent Site

You should pay attention to several aspects:

  1. Proposal to make an advance payment in one form or another. For example, interest on a loan that has not yet been issued, the amount charged for giving a bank card, commission, etc.).
  2. Offer to send personal data via SMS or to private email, rather than through a special form on the website.
  3. A reliable financial institution must have a registration number in the registry. These data are available to any potential borrower and are publicly accessible on the organization’s website.
  4. You can determine that a particular website has nothing to do with scammers by looking at the address bar. If there is an icon with the image of a closed lock near Https protocol, then the site has been tested and received a security certificate.

And finally, a couple of words about another unpleasant situation that may occur during the registration of a microloan. If you make an agreement and do not get your money, you should immediately contact the support service and report the problem, because the delay in transferring funds may occur for technical reasons, and not because the organization is related to fraudsters. 

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